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SAT – The new execution analysis tool

Since I was small I have been using the SE30 transaction for two different things:

  • To analyze a (normally standard) program I don’t know in order to find out what functions it uses, what BADIs it offers, etc;
  • To analyze a program of mine to search for performance problems.

The simple truth is that the SE30 transaction is a total mess. It’s extremely limited and inflexible and it’s useless for any more complex analysis.

The people at SAP seem to agree and have decided to replace it with the fantastic new tool, SAT – ABAP Runtime Analysis, which is more sophisticated all-round. As you might expect, you can access it through the SAT transaction.

If it’s not yet on your system you’ll have to wait for an upgrade. If you already have it, good luck with your research.

Here is a set of screencasts from SAP to teach you how to use the new SAT.

Greetings from Abapinho.

Um comentário a “SAT – The new execution analysis tool”

  1. Bruno Filipa Diz:


    Não fazia ideia de que isto existia e sem dúvida que era uma necessidade… Vi por alto e parece ter muito melhor aspecto do que a SE30.

    Vou ver o screencast com atenção para avaliar melhor, mas sem dúvida que parece ser uma óptima dica!

    Muito obrigado!


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