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Different versions of the same story

Everyone knows that the SAP versions are a big mess. The lords of Heidelberg who play around with the names they give their things are either an impulsive bunch, are making fun of us, or they must always be in uproar.


Here is a little table to help to unravel them:


DesktopR/32.0, 2.12.0, 2.1
1997DesktopR/33.0, 3.13.1I3.1I
2001DesktopR/34.64.6B, 4.6C4.6B, 4.6C
2001DesktopR/34.6D4.6D4.6D, 6106.10
2003WebR/3 Enterprise1.104.7×1106206.20NetWeaver (2003)
WebR/3 Enterprise2.004.7×2006306.30NetWeaver (2003)
2005WebmySAP20046406.40ECC 5.0NetWeaver 04
2006WebmySAP20057007.0 (AS)ECC 6.0NetWeaver 04S

If this isn’t enough to make you confused, then you can find here a very good and detailed presentation on the different versions of SAP and the different capabilities of each one.

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  1. Ricardo Quintas Diz:

    Grande Nuno!!
    É sempre com agrado que leio os teus posts.

    Este tema fez-me lembrar um outro post que vi em tempos no SDN.
    Aqui vai:

    Um Abraço.

  2. Nuno Godinho Diz:

    Olá Ricardo,
    Obrigado pela dica.

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