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Hopping merrily from ELSE to ELSE

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You have in front of you one of those giant IF ELSEIF ELSEIF ELSEIF ELSEIF ELSE ENDIF that runs through hundreds of lines of code.

If you double click on the IF or any of the ELSEIF you jump to the ENDIF. If you double click on the ENDIF down below you go to the IF up above. Everybody knows this. It is handy with a small IF ENDIF. However, it’s not much use with the large ones.

But, maybe not everyone knows that if you do ALT-click on the IF instead of going straight down to the ENDIF at the end, you only jump to the next ELSEIF, and so on until you arrive at the ENDIF.

It works just the same with CASE WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN ENDCASE.

It comes in handy.

(Thank you Renato Sousa for the tip) (And thanks to dj @ oxherder arts for the photo)

Greetings from Abapinho.