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Jumping within ABAP editor

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Have you ever found yourself programming in one of those ABAP programs that’s as long as the Bible with hundreds and hundreds of lines where you always have to jump from one code area to another?

Until a few days ago, in my ignorance I was using PageUp and PageDown to jump between the two locations and I wasted loads of time looking for the exact place in the code that I was interested in.

But in the mean time, Sérgio Fraga taught me that ABAP editor has a function called bookmarks which avoids the nonsense of going up and down blindly.

First just press CTRL-ALT-1 at a specific line to define bookmark 1 there, CTRL-ALT-2 to define bookmark 2, and so on up to 9.

Then you can just hit CTRL-1 to go directly to bookmark 1, CTRL-2 for 2 and so forth.

Then you can jump from place to place like there’s no tomorrow.

While we’re about it, the bookmarks can also be defined through the menu you get when you right-click in the editor’s left margin.

If you exit the editor, you destroy everything as the bookmarks are not saved, but even so, they are still handy as they are so easy to use.

Thank you Sérgio Fraga!

(And thanks to for the photo)

Greetings from Abapinho.