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Fair thee well DESCRIBE TABLE. And good riddance.

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For twelve long years When I wanted to count The lines of an itab I did what everyone does: DESCRIBE TABLE itab LINES linhas.

Until the other day When (my eyes didn’t deceive me) I saw something so new, You wouldn’t believe me: LINES( itab ).

It gives the same outcome And does away with declaring The damn variable.

So instead of:

DATA: linhas TYPE i.
IF linhas = 42.
  WRITE 'A tua tabela é a verdade'.

Just do this:

IF LINES( itbl ) = 42.
  WRITE 'A tua tabela é a verdade'.

It is proof that If SAP wanted to It would make An effort and ABAP Would be a cool app.

But apparently it doesn’t care, And ABAP is crap.

Rubbish poem. Sorry. It is all I could do.

Greetings from Abapinho.