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Oh time turn back

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“Oh time turn back Give me everything I have lost Take pity and give me the life The life I have already lived Oh time turn backward Kill off my futile hopes Look how even the sun itself Returns every morning” – António Mourão

Hey Tony, right away. I will show you how you can turn back time.

There you are quite happily carrying out your debug session and you accidentally go too far. You wanted to change a parameter before calling a function, for instance. But you got distracted. Without the power to travel back in time, the only solution would be to start the debug from the beginning, which can be painful.

Here is the tragic scenario. You skipped the function without altering the variable:


To save the situation, right-click on the line above the one you wish to return to and select “Go to instruction” from the menu:


Once that is done the debugger goes back in time without causing a fuss:


And you can get back to work without having to sing that fado song all the way through.

Thanks to Sérgio Fraga for the tip.

Greetings from Abapinho.