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Automatic keyboard

Every programmer knows about the intimate relationship between batch-inputs and paperweights, staplers and similar heavy objects. These precious little helpers can keep us from spending up to eight hours hitting the “ENTER” key with one finger.

Although these objects have a certain charm, the law of gravity – the same one that makes them useful – sometimes makes them fall over and stop pushing this key.

Here is an alternative for Windows users: the Auto Keyboard.


You can find it here. And it’s free.

Thanks to Rui Sousa.

Greetings from Abapinho.

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  1. Luís Silva Diz:

    Melhor ainda é a linha 126 do programa LATPCFA6… ;)

    * these are the adventures of the new spaceship BERID;
    * she intrudes into MRP areas where no man has gone before;

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