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Unreleasing a released transport order

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You’ve released a transport order because you thought everything was ready. However, one more minor modification was still missing. So now you will have to create a new order and transport both of them. What a drag.

Don’t worry.

Calmly and confidently follow these steps:

  1. Run the program RDDIT076 in SE38;

  2. and in the selection screen, enter the transport order;

  3. Push F8;

  4. A list appears with the order at the top followed by its tasks;

  5. Double-click on the order

  6. A dialog box appears with the details of the order;

  7. Enter into dialogue with the box by hitting F9 to change to modification;

  8. Status should be R. Change to D;

  9. Save.

The transport order can once again be modified. Amazing? Now you can give it a new task and continue working in it.

Thanks to Vítor Pinheiro for the tip. Thank you Ray Dumas for the photo.

Greetings from Abapinho.