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Native SQL

Sometimes ABAP SQL doesn’t allow you to do something you’d be able to do using the database’s native SQL. It can still be done.

* Converte para maiúsculas e acrescenta wildcard 
  CONCATENATE l_name1 '%' INTO l_name1.

* Executa SQL nativo para fazer
* uma pesquisa "case insensitive" pelo nome 
  EXEC sql performing SAVE_ROW.
    SELECT kunnr
           INTO :l_kuune
           FROM kna1
           WHERE kna1.mandt        =    :sy-mandt
           AND   UPPER(kna1.name1) LIKE :l_name1

But pay attention because, unlike the generic ABAP SQL, this SQL will have to be specifically written for the existing database. As a consequence, the code will be less flexible and more complex. So make sure you use this only if you really have no alternativa.

Photo: Photodesaster via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC

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