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Jump to your last change

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Imagine that you’re editing one of those ancient programs with thousands of lines (yes because today you know that it’s wrong not to modularize (it’s a sin really) your methods (yes because today you always use methods) don’t have more than 200 lines).

So there you are, editing a line somewhere in the middle on all that code when (because you’re not getting younger) the name of a variable you need completely vanishes from your memory. You have no alternative but to press HOME to go to the top of the program where all the variables are declared (yes because whoever made this program didn’t modularize yet but was a very tidy person).

And then you forget the line number of the change you were making. And there you go PAGE DOWNing your way through all that code trying to find your line again.

It’s either that or you know your way around the ABAP Editor and so you know that it has an option for that exact purpose: to go back to your last change:


And, suddenly, you’re there again.

Greetings from Abapinho.