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Incremental search

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When I want to search for a word in an ABAP program I usually press CTRL-F to use the normal search feature of the ABAP editor. I enter the word I want to find and then press “NEXT” to look for it.

But there is another way. And it’s not better nor worse. Just different: the incremental search.

To use it you press CTRL-I and you’ll see a funny mouse cursor. Then, as soon as you enter the first character of the word you’re looking for, the keyboard cursor immediately positions itself at the first occurrence of that character. And as you enter the rest of the characters you’ll see it re-positioning to match all the characters you entered. And then you press CTRL-I to move to between the multiple occurrences.

Use CTRL-SHIFT-I to search in the opposite direction.

Try it!

Greetings from Abapinho.