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The multiple clocks of your SAP system

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Even though you look at an SAP system as a whole, it is composed by several distinct and interconnected parts. There is a small standard program which checks if each part’s clock is correct and synchronised.

It probably won’t be of much use for your daily work. Still, it’s an interesting curiosity.

The program is called RSDBTIME and the result I got when I ran it is here:

R/3 Time Diagnostic Program on srv01

Universal Time Coordinated UTC....: 1539985264

Date and time of database.........: 19.10.2018 22:41:04

Date and Time of R/3-Kernel.......: 19.10.2018 22:41:04

Date and Time of ABAP-Processor...: 19.10.2018 22:41:04
ABAP Timezone Setup ..............:     0

Date and Time / localtime ........: 19.10.2018 22:41:04

No Time Inconsistencies detected !

Checking GET RUN TIME from 22:41:05 to 22:41:10 during 00:00:05
GET RUN TIME result ..............:  4.999.454  us

GET RUN TIME time measurement accuracy ok !

Thank you Sérgio Fraga for the tip.

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Greetings from Abapinho.