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MOVE-CORRESPONDING between two tables with automatic look up

Abapinho hasn’t been talking a lot about 7.40 because most of the new possibilities have already been widely discussed in other sites and we don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

But, here and there, I find small useful jewels which seem to still be under the radar. This is one of them.

I need to populate the internal table T_DATA with FI document items:


Let’s assume T_DATA is already filled with data from table BSEG except for column NAME1 which comes from table LFA1. And that we already have table T_LFA1 filled with the required data from table LFA1:


Before 7.40 I would need to do this in order to populate column NAME1 of T_DATA with the contents of table T_LFA1:

LOOP AT t_data ASSIGNING <s_data>.
  READ TABLE t_lfa1 ASSIGNING <s_lfa1> WITH KEY lifnr = <s_data>-lifnr.
  IF sy-subrc = 0.
    <s_data>-name1 = <s_lfa1>-name1.

Now take a look at how this can be done in 7.40:

t_data = CORRESPONDING #( t_data FROM t_lfa1 USING lifnr = lifnr ).

How lovely! In a single command, column T_DATA-NAME1 is filled with data from T_LFA1 respecting its key LIFNR. And the command can be enhanced with MAPPING in case some of field names don’t match.

What before required a LOOP, a READ TABLE, auxiliary variables and explicit attributions, is now reduced to a single one-line operation which, as a bonus, is also much simpler to read and understand.

Greetings from Abapinho.

2 comentários a “MOVE-CORRESPONDING between two tables with automatic look up”

  1. cintia Diz:

    Boa ! E quanto a performance?

  2. Nuno Godinho Diz:

    Olá, não fiz testes de performance. Até agora só usei em tabelas relativamente pequenas. Mas não vejo razão para ser lento visto que a tabela de LOOKUP tem obrigatoriamente de ser SORTED ou HASHED.

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