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Try poligamy

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Most ABAP programmers are like swans. They marry ABAP forever and are eternally faithful.

But if in human relationships monogamy may make sense, when it comes to programming there isn’t anything good coming out of it. Each love affair with a new programming language, besides the thrilling emotions they give (it’s adultery after all), enrichens our vocabulary and our ability to view the same problems through new perspectives.

I cheat on ABAP all the time. I already got laid with Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, ActionScript, Bash and would like to got o bed with many more (I’m looking forward to doing it with Clojure). Each one taught me new positions and new techniques. Then, back at home, I try them out with ABAP. And ABAP seems to be enjoying it!

  • Java taught me there are lots of naughty things you can do with objects;
  • C++ showed me that foreplay should be done very slowly and carefully;
  • Python taught me that sometimes we can skip foreplay altogether;
  • ActionScript taught me how to do it at the window;
  • Bash showed me how quickies can be fun too.

If you’re still faithful to ABAP, talk to it and explain that you’d like to try having an open relationship. It will surely understand.

Greetings from Abapinho.