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I package everything that moves

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I obsessively package everything that moves.

If I’m doing a development from scratch it’s obvious that the first thing to do is create an encapsulated package dedicated to it.

But whenever I make a change to an existing development, however small, I also try to package it.

What I do

  1. I create a package named after the development (respecting naming conventions)
  2. I put it as a sub-package of the package where the development currently is
  3. I move to the new package all the objects that belong to that development (programs, includes, classes, function groups, transactions, DDIC objects, etc)
  4. If ABAP Package Concept is enabled on the system, I use the Package Check tool to help me find other less obvious objects and check if some are shared with other developments.
  5. Only now, with the development packaged, do I implement the necessary change.

ZERO risk

  • Moving objects from one package to another has no risk;
  • If I forget to move any object to the new package, there are no consequences;
  • If any of the moved objects are used by another development, there is no problem either.

By doing this I know I’m leaving the system slightly more organised than I found it.

Greetings from Abapinho