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In Eclipse ADT you continue where you left off

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Did you know that in Eclipse ADT you can work even without a connection to the server?


If the connection to the server goes down, it’s catastrophic: the windows lock up and you can only solve the problem by closing them.

The same happens when you need to close your computer, either because the day is over or because you simply need to go somewhere else to work.

When you open SAPGUI again and reconnect to the server, you have to start again from scratch: open the windows (a maximum of 5), navigate to where you were on each one (if you still remember where that was) and re-activate any break-points you may have set.

In Eclipse ADT

Not in Eclipse. In Eclipse everything stays open, even when you lose the connection to the server. In fact, it only connects to the server when it needs to. And if for some reason you don’t have a connection, no problem: you can’t save or open new files, but you can continue working on the ones you already have open.

You can close the laptop at any time. When you open it, all the windows are still there, with the code waiting for you, exactly as you left it. It’s as if you were working in Microsoft Word. You can even continue working on an aeroplane, as long as you previously opened all the classes you want to work on in the stratosphere.

Your breakpoints last forever. They only disappear when you explicitly delete them.


So, if you’re still using SAPGUI and you could be using Eclipse ADT, you’re not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you?

Greetings from Abapinho