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Use Python to rewrite ABAP code

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When you need to make mass changes to ABAP code, the SAPGui IDE isn’t of much help. Eclipse ADT is better, especially if you just want to rename stuff. But there are lots of changes which you won’t be able to automate there. Namely, changes that most be done hundreds of times and which cannot be done with a simple find and replace. In these cases you probably end up changing everything manually. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Do just one task per LOOP

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When ABAP programmers run into a LOOP they like to use it to get as many things done as possible. Even if that LOOP ends up having hundreds or thousands of lines.

Keep code blocks short

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Unfortunately that is not what happens in most of the Z code I have seen in my life as an ABAP programmer. Both IFs and LOOPs tend to grow bigger than anyone can deal with. I recently ran into a LOOP with over 1500 lines.