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Table lookup without having to deal with CX_SY_ITAB_LINE_NOT_FOUND

Before the modernization of ABAP in 7.40, a table lookup required an auxiliary variable and at least 4 lines of code.

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will never have
the NOT operator.

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MOVE-CORRESPONDING between two tables with automatic look up

Abapinho hasn’t been talking a lot about 7.40 because most of the new possibilities have already been widely discussed in other sites and we don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

But, here and there, I find small useful jewels which seem to still be under the radar. This is one of them.

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The simplest route to go from SELECT to RANGE

Today we’ll try to optimize the code to convert a SELECT into a RANGE

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It’s now so simple to convert a MESSAGE into an EXCEPTION

Some years agor I showed how to convert a normal MESSAGE into a typified exception. Meanwhile ABAP evolved a lot and now, since version 7.40, that complex solution is no longer needed.

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IF without IS INITIAL in boolean methods

My current client’s system is finally being upgraded to 7.50 and, after all these years stuck with the old ABAP, I am now finally able to enjoy the wonders introduced in 7.40.

There are dozens of these wonders and I don’t intend to start making a post on all of them as there is already so much quality information on most of them. Besides, Abapinho always tries to write about something new or, at least, not very known.

But this simple functionality, although not that extraordinary, pleases me: you no longer need to add IS INITIAL in an IF command when the condition is a method returning a boolean.

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GROUP BY in LOOPs on internal tables

We’ve all sorted internal tables to use AT NEW on a LOOP.
But starting from 7.40, we can use GROUP BY on LOOPs.

The ability to group by values based on expressions or even methods is great.

The grouping is done on the first LOOP and can be processed afterwards. Try running the code below and I bet you’ll be as impressed as I was.

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Pré 7.4:

DATA l_idade type i.
READ TABLE lt_folk
  INTO ls_folk WITH KEY name = l_name.
l_age = ls_folk-age.

Pós 7.4:

data(l_age) = lt_folk[ name = l_name ]-age )

Thanks Sérgio Fraga for the tip.

Greeetings from Abapinho.

So much new stuff in 7.4, I don’t know where to begin

Abapinho will slowly start posting tips specific to AS ABAP 7.4. Slowly because there are still only a few people with access to this version. But there are so many new things to tell that I feel tempted to start posting all of them.

ABAP was a flabby middle aged guy with a beer belly. It underwent major plastic surgery and now looks like a lean 20 year old kid who can party until 9am, drink 7 gin tonics and then, before going to bed, do 100 burpees just to sleep better.

Before 7.4:

SELECT z1~campo1 z1~campo2 z1~campo3 z1~campo4 z1~campo5
 FROM z1
 ON z1~campo1 = z2~campo1
 WHERE z1~campo2 = 'MALAQUIAS'.

Since 7.4:

 FROM z1
 ON z1~campo1 = z2~campo1
 WHERE z1~campo2 = 'MALAQUIAS'.

Greetings from Abapinho.

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