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Classe para garantir segurança em programação dinâmica

I recently found a program which was generating an SQL statement by concatenating several variables with fixed SQL parts. But, either by not paying attention or simple ignorance, the person who did it, thought it would make sense to associate a text-symbol to each of these variables with. Something like this:

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Dynamically call classes and methods

Now, learn how to dynamically invoke a method.

Let’s go for it.

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Read code from the web and execute it

This is a 2-in-1 article. That is to say, you’ll learn two subjects at once.

But get ready, what you’ll learn is dynamite, and, in the wrong hands, it can implode your universe.

First, you’ll learn how to read content on the web. And right after that, assuming that this content is ABAP code, you’ll learn how to execute it in the blink of an eye.

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Digital narcissism

Reflection is the ability of a program to see itself. ABAP has a series of reflective capabilities, such as RTTS or the ability to dynamically generate code. There are also a few other so-and-so functions that do this and that. Today I present one of them to you:


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