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SALV consistency report

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Sometimes a SALV has inconsistencies which can go unnoticed. For example, if its structure has an amount field which doesn’t have an associated currency field:

Thou shalt always use a predefined structure with ALV

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It is common to find an ALV data structure explicitly defined in the code. If this is done, the field catalog has to be manually constructed. If a predefined structure (from DDIC or declared as a TYPE) is used instead, the field catalog can be automatically built. This approach is always better and results in less code, even if the field catalog needs to be adjusted here and there. https://abapinho.com/en/2011/12/automatizar-catalogo-alv/

Thou shalt use SALV instead of the old ALV functions

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SALV classes are more versatile and more recent than the old function modules. So, for new ALVs always use SALV. The only exception is editable ALVs which SALV classes are still very incapable of doing. https://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-10365 https://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-10366

Exemplary example of SALV

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Unless you want to do data editing, the only dignified way to use ALVs these days is through SALV classes. They are more modern and more elegant, and those who use them can achieve a social status until now only available to owners of a license plate.

Steal data from a SALV

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A friend of a friend of a friend said that a friend of his knew a friend who explained to him in a shady club bar in the docks area of Lisbon how to steal data from a SALV.