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Edit transport requests even if they don't let you

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As we all know, system adminstrators are very bad, cold blooded and cruel people. To prove it you just need to read the Bastard Operator from Hell.

We, ABAP programmers, are hopeless victims in the hands of these evil creatures.

But not always do we have to be smashed under their hairy fingers.

Classe para garantir segurança em programação dinâmica

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I recently found a program which was generating an SQL statement by concatenating several variables with fixed SQL parts. But, either by not paying attention or simple ignorance, the person who did it, thought it would make sense to associate a text-symbol to each of these variables with. Something like this:

The transaction who wanted to call another and couldn't

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John created transaction ZFB01 and associated it with program ZFB01 which, after doing some stuff, does a CALL TRANSACTION on FB01. Then came his friend Mike and ran transaction ZFB01.

He managed to start running it because he had permissions to do it. But half way through he got an error because he doesn’t have permissions to run transaction FB01.

Both John and Mike knew that the system administrators would never ever give Mike permission to run FB01.

Use a password manager in your life

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And there you go, if you read the title you know the hint.

Now, here are some hints about the hint: