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Automatic variants in reports

When developing a report with a selection screen it is very annoying that every time we test it we have to input the test data to the selection screen. We usually end up creating a variant of the test to save us from this hassle. But, every time we run the report we still have to manually call this variant.

Here is a simple way to automatically call a variant.
This code can be inserted into the INITIALIZATION event during the development of the program:


      report                     = sy-repid
      variant                    = 'TESTE'
   VARIANT_OBSOLETE           = 2
   OTHERS                     = 3.

Thank you Sérgio Fraga for the tip.

(And thank you to Telstar Logistics for the photo)

Greetings from Abapinho.

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  2. Fabio Branquinho Diz:

    Muito Obrigado pela dica! Dá um jeitaço!

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