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Colour hallucination

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This is not really an article. It’s hardly a tip. It’s closer to getting something off my chest in all the colours of the rainbow.

Run the DEMO_COLORSEL program in the SE38 transaction.

And you’ll see colours. Loads of colours. And patterns, stripes and extravagant things for those who are used to dull old SAP blue. It’s as if you have taken a small amount of LSD that’s not enough to actually trip but gives you a glimpse of the curtains in gradient shades.

Make good use of it. If you want to analyse the program you’ll even see that it is sophisticated and kind of murky. Take a peek, maybe you’ll start colouring your programs like this.

Luís Rocha told me about this.

And thanks to miri695 for the photo.

Greetings from Abapinho.