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ALV Grid built in error protocol

We’re all lazy. It’s just human. Programmers are human. We’re often lazy when it comes to the way we program something. And usually being lazy when making a program will result in someone else having more work when maintaining it.

Let he who is free of laziness throw the first rock.

I won’t!

For a long time, when using editable ALV Grids, whenever I wanted to throw a data validation error, I’d use a MESSAGE or show a popup.

Being lazy prevented me from exploring all the available functionalities in ALV Grid and find out that it already contains an error management protocol. But now I know.

It works like this:

1. When creating the ALV, create a method called HANDLE_DATA_CHANGED and register it as a handler for the ALV event DATA_CHANGED. You should also call the ALV Grid’s method REGISTER_EDIT_EVENT so that it will throw this event whenever you press ENTER:

  SET HANDLER handle_data_changed FOR go_grid.
  go_grid->register_edit_event( cl_gui_alv_grid=>mc_evt_enter ).

2. Method HANDLE_DATA_CHANGED will be in charge or validating your data and updating the ALV’s error protocol:

METHOD handle_data_changed.

  DATA: amount TYPE wrbtr,

  FIELD-SYMBOLS: <s_mod_cell> LIKE LINE OF er_data_changed->mt_mod_cells.

  LOOP AT er_data_changed->mt_mod_cells 
    ASSIGNING <s_mod_cell> 
    WHERE fieldname = ‘WRBTR’.

        i_row_id    = <s_mod_cell>-row_id
        i_fieldname = ‘WRBTR'
        e_value     = amount ).

    IF amount > 100.
      MESSAGE e003(ZMSG) INTO dummy.
          i_msgid     = SY-MSGID
          i_msgty     = SY-MSGTY
          i_msgno     = SY-MSGNO
          i_fieldname = ‘WRBTR'
          i_row_id    = <s_mod_cell>-row_id ).



3. Before saving, make sure the ALV data has no errors. This will usually be done somewhere inside the method USER_COMMAND. And to be sure everything is ok you just have to call this method:

go_grid->check_changed_data( IMPORTING e_valid = valid ).
IF valid.
  SAVE() “ grava dados / save data  

If something’s not right, the ALV Grid itself will display a modal window with the list of errors, both the internal ones (invalid date format, etc.) and the custom ones added by us using ADD_PROTOCOL_ENTRY().

I’m sorry that I was lazy. But from now on I’ll start reporting my ALV Grid errors in a proper way.

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Greetings from Abapinho.

2 comentários a “ALV Grid built in error protocol”

  1. Ruthiel Diz:

    Olá Nuno!
    Agradeço imenso estas fantásticas dicas de ABAP!

    Tenho aprendido imenso com este teu projecto!

    Neste caso desconhecia completamente esta funcionalidade!

    Até nem usava muito a ALV Grid e sim a classe SALV_Table! Mas acho que talvez seja melhor repensar em usar ALV Grid =)

    Muito grato!

  2. Nuno Godinho Diz:

    Obrigado! O objectivo é aprender ao tentar ensaiar. Ainda bem que as duas coisas estão a resultar! Abraço

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