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Use & in SAPSript texts

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Let’s say you want to show an url in a SAPScript layout. You place the url in a SAPSCript text and assume everything will work fine. Because most times everything does work fine. It’s just that sometimes…


If you try to use this url:


This will be printed:


Strange, right?


It’s not immediately obvious but the problem is that SAPScript variables are limited by &:

My name is &SY-UNAME&.

So, SAPScript looks at that url and sees variable &com=cara&, replacing it by its content. But since this is not really a variable, its content is empty. As a result both &s and whatever is between them mysteriously disappear.


The solution is to let SAPScript know that those & are really &. E for that you need to escape them:


Why did they come up with such a far fetched escape sequence? Because it’s SAP. Anyway, just note it down and move on.

So, in order for the url to be correctly printed, this is what you must put in the SAPScript text:


Problema solved.

Thank you David Ralo!

Greetings from Abapinho.