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The ABAP editor has a good memory

Select a word in the ABAP editor and choose CTRL-C. Then select another word and choose CTRL-C again. Then another word and so on. You have copied words several times to the clipboard. Experience and common sense tells us that if you choose CTRL-V you can only paste the last word you copied to the clipboard.
But that is not quite right. You may not be aware of it, but the ABAP editor has a good memory.

Try out CTRL-SHIFT-V. A list of the last things you copied to clipboard appears!


Thanks to Ricardo Monteiro for the tip.

And thanks to net_efekt for the photo.

Greetings from Abapinho.

6 comentários a “The ABAP editor has a good memory”

  1. Felipe Diz:

    Simples e MUITO útil!


  2. João Diz:

    Abapinho sempre surpreendendo. Baita dum programador!



  4. absolubil Diz:

    It doesn’t work in my case :( Do you have a hunch why? I use 6.0 version

  5. Nuno Godinho Diz:

    Unfortunately I don’t know. It works here but I have no way to test in other systems. Too bad it doesn’t work in all systems…

  6. Fernando Diz:

    Não funcionou….

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