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Shortcuts for making small and big letters

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You may not even know how to program but if you’re able to type fast and know enough keyboard shortcuts everyone will think you’re an expert.

In the ABAP editor write the following word: subdermatoglyphic

Now try the following shortcuts:

CTRL+U: SUBDERMATOGLYPHIC BIG LETTERS! UPPER CASE! CTRL+L: subdermatoglyphic small letters! lower case! CTRL+J: Subdermatoglyphic The First Letter Of Each Word In Upper case! CTRL+K: sUBDERMATOGLYPHIC tHe BiG aRe NoW sMaLl AnD tHe SmAlL ArE nOw BiG!

Thank you José Vília for the tip.

Thank you Chris for the photo.

Greetings from Abapinho.