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abapBlame - My new open source project

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ABAP’s versioning system is terribly bad. Besides all its faults, it doesn’t provide an easy way to determine who did what and when. Git, which is a decent versioning tool, let’s you do this through its git-blame command.

Due to this, many ABAP programmers got used to sign the code with their name and date every time they add, delete or modify lines in a program. And the more that program is modified, the more difficult it becomes to read it and understand what’s there.

Hoping to contribute with a solution for this, I created a program that tries to replicate some of git-blame’s functionality. It is now in alpha stage (still missing some functionality), almost beta. But it already works. And it’s very easy to use. Please try it. I hope you like it. All suggestions and contributions are welcome.

You can find it here:

If you care about the project and want to help me give it more visibility please add click the star button in the project’s github. Thanks!

Greetings from Abapinho.

Photo credit: chucknado.