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abapBlame – My new open source project

ABAP’s versioning system is terribly bad. Besides all its faults, it doesn’t provide an easy way to determine who did what and when. Git, which is a decent versioning tool, let’s you do this through its git-blame command.

Due to this, many ABAP programmers got used to sign the code with their name and date every time they add, delete or modify lines in a
program. And the more that program is modified, the more difficult it becomes to read it and understand what’s there.

Hoping to contribute with a solution for this, I created a program that tries to replicate some of git-blame’s functionality. It is now in alpha stage (still missing some functionality), almost beta. But it already works. And it’s very easy to use. Please try it. I hope you like it. All suggestions and contributions are welcome.

You can find it here: https://github.com/abapinho/abapBlame

If you care about the project and want to help me give it more visibility please add click the star button in the project’s github. Thanks!

Greetings from Abapinho.

Photo credit: chucknado.

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